• Languages and libraries: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), SASS, JavaScript (including jQuery, Greensock, Handlebars, Angular, ReactJS, et al), PHP, SQL
  • Platforms: Macintosh, Windows, Unix / Linux
  • Tools and Protocols: Visual Studio, Sublime Text, BBEdit, Dreamweaver, mySQL, SQL Server, SQL Developer, Oracle, IIS, Apache, MAMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Microsoft Office, RTC, Tableau, Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Git, Subversion

Work Experience

Senior UI Developer | April 2017 - February 2019
  • Maintenance and new features for a micro-rewards management system, including adding Google Analytics tracking (JavaScript: KnockoutJS, .Net, SQL Server)
  • Development of SecurLock Analytix website (JavaScript: VueJS, Vue Material, .Net, SQL Server)
  • Development of Match Validation website (JavaScript: VueJS, Vue Material, .Net, SQL Server)
Senior Software Engineer | August 2015 - December 2016
  • Maintenance of 1View freight management application -- bug fixes and new features (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, JavaScriptMVC, StealJS, Ruby, Eclipse IDE, RTC, Node.js)
  • Development of new feature: Job Costing reports, insertion into DOM, multiple AJAX calls, asynchronous promises
  • Researched ReactJS as potential new technology to use for development, developed small test applications
Web Developer | January 2015 - April 2015
  • Developed Bridge (JavaScript, SCORM 1.2) between Storyline Articulate (SCORM Driver) and the Intel Learning Network LMS
  • Development of custom websites: Responsive page creation, Hubspot integration, customized jQuery plugins (Expression Engine, Hubspot, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, Responsive Design, Media Queries, JavaScript, jQuery)
  • Created and updated Hubspot landing pages and template (Hubspot, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), JavaScript, jQuery)
Senior Presentation Layer Engineer | October 2014 - December 2014, May 2015 - June 2015
  • Added chromeless hotspot functionality to Youtube player in advertisement (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)
  • Updated advertisement with new desktop/mobile layout and animated banner content (JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, Responsive Design, Media Queries)
  • Updated advertisement with new desktop/mobile section including new animation and behaviors (JavaScript, jQuery, Greensock, Handlebars, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), SASS, Git, Grunt, Node.js)
  • Updated advertisement site with new section including new animation and behaviors, both desktop/mobile, adding tracking, pushing site live (Compass, JavaScript, jQuery, Greensock, Handlebars, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries))
Web Developer | July 2014 - August 2014
Contractor via Vircon
  • Updated commercial website to complex responsive design. (JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), SASS, Gulp, Git, Node.js, Laravel templating)
  • Including responsive integration of news carousel
  • Development of "shingle selector" responsive application
Software Engineer | August 2013 - July 2014
Contractor via Vircon
5257 NE Martin Luther King Blvd.
Portland, OR 97211-3233
  • Responsible for updating content and adding features to security-focused websites. (JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), Perl, Mojolicious, Template Toolkit, SASS, SQL, CoffeeScript, SVN)
  • Major re-build of content management system. (Frontend. Using JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), Photoshop, Perl, Mojolicious, Template Toolkit, SASS, SQL, Handlebars, SVN)
Web Developer | April 2013 - August 2013
Contractor via Teksystems | September 2012 - January 2013
309 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 700
Portland Oregon 97204
  • Created and modified e-mail messages in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment using custom server side coding and HTML coded with very rigorous compliance standards. (JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3 (Responsive Design, Media Queries), Photoshop)
  • Developed process improvement tools (JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS)
Floating Dock Comics
Freelance | 2012
  • Developed online media reader, using jQuery/JavaScript with object oriented JavaScript, and AJAX-based DOM insertion (using JSON).
Sparta eBusiness (formerly WaveQ)
Contractor | Spring 2012
10300 SW Greenburg Rd, Suite 180
Portland OR, 97223
  • Developed interactions for update to major charity website (JavaScript, jQuery, mobile)
  • jQuery front-end work, including form validation, custom jQuery plugin managing infinite slider/scroller (with mobile controls), YouTube video management.
Contractor | February 2011 - September 2011
1001 SE Water Avenue, Suite 250
Portland, Oregon 97214
  • Developed new courseware interactions and abstracted infrastructure (Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, VNC/RDP, and jQuery)
  • Created "caricature" model to allow users to select and save a customized avatar (JavaScript, jQuery, Drupal)
  • Modified desktop application with C#, .Net
Programmer Analyst | January 2010 - September 2010
416 Northeast Dallas Street
Camas, WA 98607-2153
  • Working with team to develop new version of Learning Management software, using HTML, CSS, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Telerik, and jQuery libraries.
Contractor via Teksystems | June 2008 - Nov 2008
5536 Hassalo
Portland, OR 97213
  • Re-engineering sites using Drupal (OOP PHP5), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, and MySQL
Senior Software Engineer, April 2006 - Dec 2007
Software Engineer, July 2003 - April 2006
1620 SW Taylor
Portland, OR 97205
  • Developed complex Flash to Docent Outliner for Harley-Davidson Sportster course, others (Docent Outliner, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Converted courses to AICC, SCORM and Docent Outliner for Motorola phones (Docent Outliner, JavaScript)
  • Developed secure tool for viewing customer sales data for Hewlett-Packard, stored in database, to be sent daily through e-mail, also built admin and support tools. (PHP, MySQL, Perl, VNC/RDP)
  • Development of Docent LMS customization for proposal (Docent JavaScript)
  • Technical consultation on proposals
  • Documentation on internal standards, including migration to SCORM
  • Primary support for Plone-based intranet
  • Updated and debugged Microsoft sales content (Visual Studio)
CoreMedia Training Solutions
Software Engineer | November 2001 - July 2003
  • Created web based training SCORM courses (ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/DHTML, SQL Server)
  • Helped write administrative and e-mail application (PHP Fusebox)
  • Expert SCORM panelist at ASTD Cascadia e-Learning Standards presentation
Senior Consultant | July 2000 - January 2001
  • Designed UI and documentated template interface for Oracle's Content Platform Accelerator (HTML, CSS, JSP, Oracle DB, Tomcat)
  • Created a series of web page demos for Oracle's Customer Loyalty program (JavaScript)
CMD (then Creative Media)
Senior Programmer | November 1998 - June 2000
  • Created two new versions of Creative Media corporate website (Cold Fusion, SQL Server, HTML, DHTML/JavaScript, CSS)
  • Technical director for a product launch for Parke-Davis involving live broadcast to a total of 5,000 participants (Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, RealServer, Netpodium)
  • Recreated Paxton/Patterson website, et al (Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript)
Ledge Multimedia
Senior Webmaster | February 1997 - November 1998
  • Created US Olympic Committee and IHS websites (HTML, JavaScript, Blitz, Oracle DB)
  • Reworked MusicMatch website (HTML, Perl, Bash shell scripting)
  • Supervised other webmasters in creation of websites for clients as company shifted to work for hire model.
  • Designed and supervised creation of Intranet. (HTML, Photoshop)
Creative Multimedia
Graphics Production, Webmaster | December 1995 - February 1997
  • Coordinated development, coded HTML, and defined CGI interaction for Health and Movie franchise web sites for Creative Multimedia, (corporate site and intranet), including clients and partners, notably the award winning Dr. Ruth Online, The Family Doctor, The Health Explorer, and MovieMatch. (HTML, JavaScript, Perl, bash shell scripting)
  • Introduced and explained the Internet and web development method to team and company.
  • Contributing member of UI and database committees. Chaired Online group meetings.
  • Helped develop Blitz, an extensible, template based tool which allowed webmasters to quickly write CGI incorporating HTML design
  • Spoke at the Oregon Multimedia Education Group Conference, 1997
  • Guest speaker at PSU web development classes, 1997
  • Managed Macintosh hardware and scanning room.


    Hampshire College, 1989-1991
    Concentration in Computer Communications